Education & Capacity Building

The idea of placemaking still has a long way to go in Indian cities as is evident from the public realms of most cities. Formal architectural design education too has not been able to address this because it is still largely a habit if not the norm to be limited to the ‘red line’ boundary of a site.

UDC has attempted to bridge this gap with educational workshops and capacity building exercises for various ‘change agents’ starting from students of architecture to public works department engineers in city ULBs.


Exploratory Trip to Pondicherry & Auroville
Immersive tour focussed on diverse sustainable and creative practices
Pondicherry & Auroville
January 2016

Urban Mapping Workshop
Educational Workshop For Students
AMS College of Architecture, Chennai
September 2015

Public Space Design Workshop
Capacity Building Workshop for Corporation of Chennai Engineers
September 2014- January 2015

Reading the Urban Environment
Educational Workshop For Students and Young Professionals
Since August 2013

Exploring Local Heritage
Heritage Awareness Workshop for School Students
February 2013

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