About UDC

Urban Design Collective (UDC) is a collaborative platform for architects, urban designers and planners to create livable & sustainable cities through participatory planning and community engagement.

Within the agenda of creating livable & sustainable cities, specific issues that we focus on include-

Improving the quality of the public realm & built environment




Improving walkability




Icons for UDC
Improving livability of neighbourhoods and precincts




Improving awareness on sustainable development




Innovating participatory approaches to improve community engagement towards the city building process




UDC was started as a way to mobilize those who want to change the way our cities are built. By providing an open platform for young design professionals, who otherwise as individuals are excluded in the city building process, to create and disseminate content, we give them a chance to voice themselves as change-makers for better cities. As a result, UDC has come to be a global community of architects, designers, engineers, artists, writers, photographers and many others who are passionate about cities.

Our approach is best defined as a mix of storytelling, advocacy and demonstration through practice. The methods that we employ towards the realization of our goals include-
– Urban Mapping and Research
– Education and Capacity building
– Community Engagement and Participatory Workshops
– Public art & Socially engaged art
– Publications and Social Media Outreach


UDC was founded in October 2011 and is registered as a public charitable trust in Chennai since 31st January 2013.