Exploring Local Heritage

A series of workshops were initiated with the support of local primary schools in Pondicherry’s Boulevard Town, to introduce students to the concepts of heritage and the importance of its conservation.
The three public schools – Calve College, V.O.C. School, and Pensionnat des Jeunes Filles, were chosen as their campuses are Grade I heritage buildings. All three buildings are in dire need for restoration. Following a proposal made by INTACH, a generous government grant was sanctioned towards their restoration. It was therefore apt to commence our heritage awareness program with these three schools just before the restoration work began.
Prastara provided an introduction to ‘heritage’, engaging the students in a discussion on their understanding of this term. A walk was conducted through the Boulevard Town. At the INTACH Center, students interacted with the staff, and were led through the exhibition and documentation on display. We also initiated an inter-school writing and drawing competition for the students. The workshops were conducted in Tamil.

Project team: Vidhya Mohankumar
Partner Organisation: INTACH Pondicherry and Prastara