People Building Better Cities

UDC anchored the Chennai leg of the international traveling exhibition, and developed an accompanying two-week event based on its theme ‘Participation and Inclusive Urbanisation’.

Key Events
‘Pecha Kucha Evening’ – Presentations ranged from regional planning projects to urban installations, and terrace gardening initiatives that show-cased public participation
‘Treasure Hunt’ – In collaboration with Bambaram Toy Library, the hunt led participants through the city, using only public transport, picking up ‘clues’, that were revealed as building blocks at the last stop. These had to be assembled through mutual discussion among the participants to build their ideal neighbourhood.
‘Parasitic Cities Workshop’ – This workshop challenged participants to use scavenged materials to build shelters.
‘Public Participatory Workshop’ – This workshop encouraged participants to question and discuss
What does it mean to be inclusive?
What does it mean to be respectful of values and local knowledge?
How considerate of social impact and of climate change are our cities?
Can practice/ thinking be more widely applied in policy, professional, community or educational framework to enable cities to be more inclusive?

Project team: Devangi Ramakrishnan, Vidhya Mohankumar, Shruti Shankar, Neha Krishnan, Bharath Gandhi Palanisamy, Nischal Buddhavarapu, Kashmira Medhora Dubash, Mahesh Radhakrishnan, Meredith Degyansky, Santhosh Subramanian, Santhosh Shyamsundar
Partner Organisations: People Building Better Cities