Jane Jacobs Walk

In 2013, UDC organized a series of Jane Jacobs Walks in Chennai, Pondicherry and Mumbai. All three walks were developed through research into the urban history of the neighbourhood and its development timeline. While on the walk, we also spoke to long-time residents and businesses, gleaning local histories. The walks were given and taken for free and participants in all three cities were of a wide age-group and from varied professional backgrounds.

Additionally, WINDOWS OF GEORGETOWN-a publication- was assembled from content generated during the Chennai 2013 walk with the participants and given back to them as a souvenir for having joined us on the walk.


Subsequently, in 2014, a Jane Jacobs Walk was organized through the premises of the Madras High Court in partnership with INTACH Chennai and the High Court Heritage Committee.

Project team: Sivagami Periannan, Shruti Shankar and Vidhya Mohankumar in Chennai; Kavita Gonsalves in Mumbai; and Vidhya Mohankumar in Pondicherry.
Partner Organisation: Jane Jacobs Walk- A program of the Centre for the Living City