Exhibition of ‘Jane Jacobs Photo Walk’ and ‘Incredible Pondy’


On 17 and 18 February, UDC hosted two Jane Jacobs-inspired photo walks in Pondicherry as part of the Pondicherry Heritage Festival 2017.
Participants were briefed about Jane Jacobs’ ideologies and were asked to capture frames that reflect key themes of her work as they see manifested in the urban fabric of Pondicherry. Their photographs were then collected and curated to be part of an exhibition that ran from 22nd to 28th February at Maison Colombani in Pondicherry.

Additionally, there was an online call for photo submissions under the theme ‘Incredible Pondy‘ and a section of the exhibition also showcases a selection of the crowdsourced photographs.

Photographers who presented: Abinaya Kalyansundaram, Aishwarya Rajagopal, Anuj Gupta, Arjun S Kumar, Arvind Akki, B. Prabhakaran, Devangi Ramakrishnan, Gowttham Sivakumar, Indrani Sharma, Isabel van Klink, John Davis Akkara, Ketaki Chowkhani, Pondicherry Arun, Preetham Kumar, Ar Ramya Prasad, Ravi Varma, S. Gandhi, Stephen Gay, Tejaswini Teju.

Additionally, UDC also released a series of postcards titled ‘Doors of Pondicherry‘ which were illustrated by Abinaya Rajavelu and sold as part of festival merchandise.

Project team: Devangi Ramakrishnan, Vidhya Mohankumar, Abinaya Rajavelu
Partner Organisation: Pondicherry Heritage Festival 2017