Exploratory Trip to Pondicherry & Auroville

3 students from New School of Architecture & Design, San Diego were facilitated for an intensive week of exploration and learning about the diverse sustainable and creative practices at Pondicherry & Auroville. Among the highlights of the trip were meetings with Auroville architects and visits to their projects, learning about sustainable farming and energy practices at the Centre for Scientific Research and the Solar Kitchen, culminating in a two-day hands-on earth building workshop at AV Building Centre. In Pondicherry, the students were introduced to the unique history and architecture of the town, and to the various ongoing efforts towards heritage conservation.

Two students were in their final year of architectural thesis, while one was beginning his second year in construction management. Each student used their free time to further explore areas of their personal interest, visiting community members and organisations within Auroville.

UDC aims to encourage more such exploratory trips in 2016, to the region in partnership with Rebuild Global.

Project team: Devangi Ramakrishnan
Partner Organisation: Rebuild Global, USA