Lost Opportunities/ Mixed Priorities/ Resilient Communities

Curated by Riyas Komu, ‘Mattancherry’ is the inaugural exhibition of URU Art Harbour, a hub for arts and culture that the artist launched in late 2016. Over its two-month long outing (August 12 -October12), ‘Mattancherry’ seeks to look at the place through the gaze of its people, and away from the confining gaze of the tourist.

As one among the 13 artists invited to be part of this show, UDC’s exhibit titled ‘Lost Opportunities/ Mixed Priorities/ Resilient Communities’ highlights the developmental discrimination of Mattancherry since Independence through rigorous urban mapping and research. Through this approach, the project also delves into the socio-cultural and socio-political landscape of the region.

Project team: Vidhya Mohankumar, Abinaya Rajavelu, Sivagami Periannan, Devangi Ramakrishnan, Shruti Shankar, Brandon Persico, Sarat Chandran, Krishna Das, Prasoon G Das, Hari Krishnan, Anna Poulose and Saritha Sudhakaran.
Partner Organisation: Uru Art Harbour