Tactical Urbanism Guidebook

In May 2020, UDC collaborated with GiZ and MOHUA to create a tactical urbanism guidebook. The guidebook functions as a comprehensive manual for executing Tactical urbanism projects contextual to Indian cities.

The purpose of this guidebook is to decode the various aspects of Tactical Urbanism – an emerging city-shaping approach in Indian cities. This guidebook has been calibrated to adapt to a vast range of local contexts and is relevant to citizens, experts and urban local bodies alike. It draws on learnings from several case studies from Indian cities over the past five years. 

The guidebook is broadly organised into two sections –

  1. People and places: This section lays emphasis on the preparatory planning required for undertaking a tactical urbanism project.
  2. Thematic Interventions: This section presents the applications of tactical urbanism across five broad themes with possible design elements while also detailing out how to study the site to arrive at an appropriate design response.

Project team: Vidhya Mohankumar, Srivardhan Rajalingam, Nawin Saravanan, Vidhya Venkatesan

Partner Organisations: GIZ, MOHUA