Museum of Possibilities

Set in the Tamil Nadu State commissionerate for the differently abled, the Museum of Possibilities is a space designed to showcase universal accessibility standards in built space. Designed according to the Live – Work – Play module, the museum displays adopted tools and appliances required in each module – The entire space is designed to be an interactive experiential space where visitors can pick up and try using the appliances. 

In addition to serving as a space for advocating universally accessible spaces, The Museum doubles up as a space for vendors and manufacturers to identify prospective products for large scale manufacturing. 

Designed collaboratively with people with disabilities – the Museum strives to stand as a prototype for universally accessible spaces in the city.

Project team: Vidhya Mohankumar, Srivardhan Rajalingam, Nawin Saravanan, Vidhya Venkatesan

Partner Organisations: DRA, TARA, Vidyasagar, State commissionerate for the differently abled