Pondicherry Mobility Survey

In January 2020, Urban Design Collective was approached by DVDH, a French transportation consultancy firm to be a part of the mobility study for proposing a new CMP for Puducherry Agglomeration. The role of UDC was to prepare and conduct household surveys across the entirety of Puducherry and give a qualitative image of the existing transport system in the city.

The objective of the household travel survey was to understand the socio-economic character of the population and analyse their travel pattern. Through this survey, data on – household size, income, vehicle ownership, trip purpose, different modes of transport utilised, and distances of travel were collected. Different categories of the survey were then cross referred to arrive at specific correlations between travel patterns and socio-economic traits.  

A total of 4008 individuals from 988 households were surveyed. These surveys were conducted evenly throughout the 27 zones classified based on census data. Shevalini Business Solutions, a survey agency, was appointed to undertake these surveys on ground. The surveyors were trained and constantly monitored by UDC through online meetings and site visits.

Project team: Vidhya Mohankumar, Devangi Ramakrishnan, Srivardhan Rajalingam, Nawin Saravanan, Kishore Kumar, Vidhya Venkatesan.

Partner Organisations: DVDH, Transamo, Transitec.